Why Tiger Tape is the First Choice for E-commerce Owners

E-commerce has become a highly competitive arena in recent years, with businesses constantly striving to offer the best customer experience. The packaging and shipping of products hold considerable importance in customers’ shopping experience. With the use of strong and secure sealing tapes, e-commerce owners not only ensure that their products are delivered safely but also create a professional image of their brand.

When it comes to sealing tapes, Tiger Tape has become the first choice of many e-commerce businesses. Here are the reasons why:

High-Quality Tape Material

Tiger Tape is made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum strength. The tape is made of a polypropylene film that provides superior tensile strength and excellent resistance to impacts, punctures, and tearing. This high-quality material provides durability and enhances the long-term protection of products during shipping.

Strong Adhesive

The primary purpose of a sealing tape is to provide a secure seal to packages, and Tiger Tape’s strong adhesive formula does precisely that. The tape’s superior adhesive enables a robust hold on all surfaces and ensures that the package does not open during transit. The strong adhesive formula ensures that tiger tape packages remain sealed and secure throughout the shipping process, providing peace of mind to customers.

Noise Reduction

Most sealing tapes cause a lot of noise during application, which can be very irritating to customers. Tiger Tape’s unique formula is exceptionally quiet, reducing the noise during application. This innovative technology ensures a more comfortable and pleasant customer experience.


Tiger Tape is an economical choice in terms of both cost and usage. With its strong adhesive and durable material, e-commerce owners can use less tape to get the job done, saving money and time. Also, Tiger Tape comes with a high meterage roll that allows for more coverage than other tapes, meaning that e-commerce business owners can use it for more packages, which, in turn, reduces their packaging costs.

Customizations and Branding

E-commerce businesses often aim to stand out from the crowd by including personalized branding on their products. Tiger Tape makes this possible with customizations. With customized printing options, e-commerce owners can create unique and attractive packaging tapes that showcase their brand logo, slogans, or any other design that they may want to display on their packages. This creates a professional image and helps increase brand awareness.


Today, more customers are becoming environmentally conscious, resulting in more e-commerce businesses choosing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options. Tiger Tape offers a biodegradable option that breaks down naturally over time, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tapes. By choosing Tiger Tape’s eco-friendly option, e-commerce businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

In conclusion, Tiger Tape is the first choice for e-commerce owners for a variety of reasons, including its high-quality material, strong adhesive, noise reduction technology, cost-effectiveness, customizable printing options, and eco-friendliness. By using Tiger Tape, e-commerce owners can ensure their customer experience is the best it can be while also creating a professional and eco-friendly image of their brand.